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    Terrance and I worked together many times while at Thinkful, most notably for final project. Terrance's ability to rally and guide our team that had no official leader was invaluable. He played a vital role in planning and developing the front-end of our application, solved problems that stumped others, and seemed to successfully juggle several other personal projects while still working full-time on ours.

    Photograph of Jimm Lusk - Jimm Lusk (Full-Stack Web Developer @ jimmylusk.com)
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    Terrance brings an awesome skill set to the table. Working with him in a SCRUM environment was a pleasure. He has an articulate eye for design, both visually and behind the scenes. Always willing to help out and be a "team player", he has inspired and pushed me to be a better developer.

    He finds the time to make everything come together and has the ability to learn and apply new technical aspect to a project. His camaraderie, positivity, and motivation set him apart from the crowd.

    Photograph of Dameon Mendoza - Dameon Mendoza (Full-Stack Web Developer @ dameonmendoza.com)
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    I had the pleasure of working with Terrance a few times during our time at Thinkful. During our final project, Terrance played a very important role in our group, from writing clean, understandable code, to walking other members through debugging and helping them understand and learn new concepts. He also managed most of the design aspect of our app.

    Friendly, easy-going, and very personable, Terrance has a knack for getting along with people and would fit in with any group or team.

    Photograph of Sayed Khan - Sayed Khan (Full-Stack Web Developer @ sayedkhan.netlify.com)
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    I've worked with Terrance on multiple occasions. He is a very talented developer that takes grasp of new concepts quickly, pays close attention to details and delivers high quality projects within limited time constraints.

    Above all that, he is a professional and very adept in his communications. It was a real pleasure working with Terrance.

    Photograph of Marina Valiquette - Marina Valiquette (Full-Stack Web Developer @ mvaliquette.surge.sh)
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    I had the pleasure of working with Terrance over the course of one year. He helped me instruct and graduate over 300 students, ran a medical laboratory, and held the position I hold now previous to his departure from CalRegional.

    Terrance is an exceptional worker and a great person to work alongside. He is deeply missed by our company but we know he's off pursuing his passions in web development.

    Photograph of Diego Torres - Diego Torres (Clinical Coordinator @ CalRegional)
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    Terrance Corley is the best mentor and supervisor I've had to date. He always showed real passion and empathy when it came to teaching his students and I tell you this from first-hand experience. His positive energy seemed to always be contagious and really inspired all those he taught or worked alongside.

    I also had the pleasure of working under Terrance as a Phlebotomist. He has taught me things that will remain with me the rest of my career and I believe he'd be a invaluable asset for any company.

    Photograph of Michelle Carl - Michelle Carl-Agundez (Laboratory Manager @ BioData Laboratories & Radiology)
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    I worked with Terrance on several projects throughout my time at Thinkful. Terrance is eager to learn, communicates well, and works hard. Before class even began, I could tell he was excited about coding. We would often exchange learning resources and tips on anything code -- the terminal, JavaScript, Node, add-ons to our text editors. He was always very positive and encouraging whenever we got stuck during our paired-programming workshops.

    When debugging issues in our code, I could tell he had a great sense of clarity on his work. He knew where to look for errors, looked up documentation when necessary and asked for help when needed. It was a pleasure working with Terrance. I think anyone would benefit from having him on their team.

    Photograph of Tammy Tian - Tammy Tian (Full-Stack Web Developer @ tammytian.com)
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    Terrance has been an enthusiastic and supportive force in my life since the first day we met. He is always willing to tutor me and explain things, and does it in a way that makes you feel smart and confident.

    He’s a great person to have in your corner, and gives thoughtful and respectful feedback when asked. I’m looking forward to working with and learning more from him in the future!